I’m not sure why I drink Natural Wine.

I imagine it has something to do with Instagram. Seeing images of folk drinking wines that looked exciting and interesting. To then see them appearing in a local pub, where the digital and real worlds existed in perfect harmony.

Whatever the real reason – new, fresh, different – it’s something I do. Excessively at times.

I do know why I don’t drink natural wines. It’s pretty much for the same reason. Instagram.

When I see a post about a producer who appears to put more emphasis on what doesn’t go into my glass, than maybe how it got there. How they influenced how it ended up in the bottle in front of me. That’s when I stop drinking it.

Which is hard. Not because I don’t want to stop drinking the wines, but because I don’t always understand (have confidence?) in the role I can play in sharing this information? What if it is misinformation? Are there two sides to every story, even if one side remains silent – while the other is clear in text and imagery for the world to see.

The most straightforward answer is to simply remove me from the debate. To stop buying the wines. To hope the wine I replace it with doesn’t end up with the same Instagram exposé.

So when a friend told me about the behaviour of one wine producer. Or another saw an image I posted of a different wine – with a follow-up link identifying evidence of that producer’s sexual harassment – I simply stopped drinking their wine.

As I will, having read evidence of an in vogue Italian wine producer’s potential links to the exploitation of people to pick their grapes. There is an accusation, and there is denial. Either way, it does sit right. The wines won’t sit in my wine rack again.

At work, I have to do due diligence on pretty much any organisation I work with. As a wine drinker, I expect this to happen before I get my hands on the wines. I am four steps removed by my transaction, so that when something does bubble up – one of those steps – the importers, shop owners or even the InstaInfluences (?) go public with their views. They confirm what they are going to do. In order for us all to be better informed.

So that I am not the only one to stop drinking the wines. Because we pretty much all should if the well researched and informative charges – are supported by everyone involved.

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