Lockdown Diaries – Day 77

As I said on Day 69. Don’t call it a comeback.

I am only here to riff on the notion that another day has passed.

Another step towards coming fully out of lockdown.

Where a child goes back to school. Albeit for two days this week. Socially distancing, as she works in a room set out as if she is sitting a project management exam.

I have no real idea what today actually means? A couple of days here or there for five weeks – and then, in some cases – total separation once more?

She is part of a group of people that either had to go back, or really wanted to go back. I am nervous. Unsure. Though I do know that if for whatever reason we had tried to stop her from going back, the stresses and strains of being off for 11 weeks was starting to take its toll. She needs the rhythm that a school day/week brings. Let’s hope the relationships that were put on hold, are reignited once again. Quickly.

The boy hasn’t come out of this unscathed. His rock. His constant companion is momentarily gone. The person he fought with, argued with – almost came to blows with most days – is no longer a sofa cushion away. He will be the one rushing to pick her up this afternoon.

Me, I just hope that everything will pass. Will return to normal as quickly as is possible for an 11yo. It’s all we can really do; hope. It’s neither in, nor out of our hands. We just have to go with it, and believe that we will all be better for a day of school, once more.

As for the boy, well – who knows what the day brings for him.

YouTube, mainly. No doubt!

Image: My old school

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