Lockdown Diaries – Day 68


At some point I are going to have to deal with them.

Living in a city with no glass collection, means we have to take them to the be recycled. Living in a time of lockdown. Where the tip is shut, or the queues are long. Leaves you with no option other than to take them to the exposed bottle banks.

The bottle banks that sit in the supermarket car parks. Next to the queue to get back in to the shop. Where some of the bottles you are recycling have come from.

You tell yourself to take them down after week one. Yet that ship has sailed. So you build yourself up to take them down under the cover of dark. In case anyone you know, sees you. Which is getting harder and harder as we move in to June.

What about repeat trips? Break up the load. Less of more.

It’s not that there are a “lot”, just that they are noticeable. They have been growing for 10 weeks or more.

Tomorrow I will do it. A Sunday morning outing. To take the bags of bottles. That have sat outside. Which are covered in bugs or filled with a heady cocktail of dregs and water.

We really should have taken them down after week one.

But that ship has sailed.

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