Lockdown Diaries – Day 67

I have spent a week without a smart phone, and this is what I have learnt:




The truth is, we learn so much from using our smart phones. They are a window on to the world, that we use to understand things. Like the weather. That we can see for ourselves, but don’t necessarily trust our own judgements on.

Pre-lock down I got everything from a smart phone. Restaurant reviews, which plays to go and see, what wine I should be drinking. The information was all there. Contained in apps or newspaper articles.

Even during lockdown it was a safe haven. A distraction from kids frustrated with their lot. I could disappear – they could even disappear on their own phone. There is only so much together time you can take.

Leave me alone, I am on my phone!

But now it is gone. Smashed under the tyre of a car when I was out riding my bike. Leaving me with a Nokia SomethingSomethingSomething. It’s terrible. I mean, who wants to phone people or play Snake in 2020?

So whilst I wait for a repaired or replacement phone to comeback, I don’t even have a brick. I have a Weetabix biscuit of a useless phone – and I carry a MacBook around like an overly enthusiastic PDA.

The main thing I have learnt from a week without a smart phone, is that I don’t want to go another week without it.

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