Lockdown Diaries – Day 60

I had to quickly rush a caller off the phone last week.

The call had come in just as I was about to jump on to another video meeting. Which could have been any time between 8am and 6pm these days.

For my sins, I did it in such a way that I didn’t really catch who it was or what they wanted. I just signed off cheerily that I had their number. I would call them back.

Which I did. Three days later.

At which point Chris, another Chris, I don ‘t have sole claim to the name. Told me that he had phoned to see if I wanted to go on David Prever’s Breakfast Club; which is part of BBC Radio Oxford. But the moment had passed. The show I could have gone on, was the day before.

I looked at my Andy Warhol Watch of Fame. I still have at least 8 minutes left. Damn you ZooMeeTeams calls!!!

That said, my update to David and Sophie (the back story to why a Leeds resident is in an Oxfordshire running club, can be found here) would have been short. I haven’t been running.

Hadn’t. Past tense.

I had, like the good Dad/Martyr that I am, used my one hour of approved freedom to spend with the kids. Trailing behind their bikes or sullen moods as we dragged them away from the TV screens for 60 minutes of fresh air.

That has now changed. I am back out. Dragging my dodgy legs around our neighbourhood (still some 170 miles from the studio). Eating up the weeks on the Couch to 5K app once more. Alternating days of running, bike riding and grappling kettlebells between my legs.

I feel alive again. Albeit for an hour or so a day.

So when the phone rings and I don’t recognise the number, I will immediately say “Yes!”

I will use some of the fame slot I still have left, and sit in a mild panic waiting for the studio to come out of the travel news. Straight to me.

Let’s just hope they are talking about running, and not a proposed improvement to the Oxford Ring Road.

Image: Running shoes bought about a year ago for my last park run in York

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