Lockdown Diaries – Day 56

Yesterday I put up a ‘Gone Fishing’ post.

Not quite an update, but an acknowledgement that my eyes were so fucked (technical term), that it might be an idea to keep away from the glare of the screen.

So that’s what I did.

Today was different. Today was a working day. One where I have spent most of it wearing sunglasses, in a well lit room. Typing away – but near flinching every time I had to look at what was on the screen. It’s lucky I can touch type. Of Sorts.

I tried to get an “emergency” eye appointment, but was unsuccessful. Understandably. The polite man from the high street opticians informed me that whilst there was no chance of getting an eye test, he could helpful suggest that due to my age, there was a high probability that I needed reading glasses.

Which, I guess, I already knew.

So now I have to phone back tomorrow and ask to be put on a list of semi-urgent cases to see, once they are allowed to be within two centimetres of me. Let alone two meters.

So here’s to coming out of lockdown with something new.

The renewed ability to see things in front of me.

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