Lockdown Diaries – Day 54

We haven’t had any post for three days.

Wine deliveries and Amazon orders, yes. But no post.

I am led to believe that we won’t get any today, either. No service on a Saturday for now.

To be honest, I am not really sure what post I should be expecting? Bills mainly. Though it is the distinct lack of anything that makes you wonder how much of our daily post is, well, crap.

The brochures from the clothing shops you have forgotten to unsubscribe from. The flyers from the bargain supermarkets you will never follow up on. The reams of glossy paper that goes straight from our external postbox, in to the green bin. Just out of shot.

I guess. Just a guess. That we will know when the real ‘new normal’ has kicked in. BAU 2.0. When the postie arrives with their daily sack of crap. When the bills are joined by the inconsequential. That detritus of the communication pathways.

Or maybe this is it. Maybe this is the end of the majority of the promotional post. The shirt companies still email me. The middle-class kids’ clothing is still in my inbox. Still gender specific. The only thing missing is Budgens flogging three Arctic Rolls for the price of two. Or maybe that’s just a flashback to the 1980s?

It might simply be a case that the budgets to produce the brochures, have gone. Or maybe the staff needed to pack them, are currently on furlough.

But what happens to the people who used to carry them every day? What next for the people we thank, but only notice they are not there – because the crap they bring is missing?

What happens to them when we are all back to normal?

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