Lockdown Diaries – Day 53


Around my right eye.

The kind of pain that makes you think. Makes you second guess.

It might even be a pain I have had before. A few years back, when I saw a flickering line in front of my eye. Exacerbated when I walked from the light of the day, in to the dark of a room.

Uveitis. To go with my other ‘itis’. A swelling of the eyeball to match the painful, swelling of my knee and hands.

Or maybe, I just need glasses.

I am nearly 45. Not everything about me is going to be in fully functioning, working order. Something has to give. From now on, the only thing 20/20 will be the Soundsystem tracks I have in my music folder.

So I am trying things. Less screen time. More water. More fresh air. Trying to stop letting the morning drift in to the afternoon without a break. Seeing if the pain will go away, naturally. Without intervention.

Otherwise it is a flip of a coin. Do I go and see a doctor or the optician?

Steroids or prescription lenses?

Either way, it’s going to be a weekend of hope. With a lot less staring at this screen in front of me.

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