Lockdown Diaries – Day 52

Disbelief. Anger. Frustration. Bemusement. Acceptance.

For everything, there is a graph or curve.

People dying. Economies collapsing. Countries healing.

The challenge as I see it, is the pace with which we are moving through those curves.

We are passing each and every emotion in quick succession. Even if some are forever stuck in denial.

The mood quickly shifted as we sat watching a film together on Tuesday night. Email and WhatsApp pings took the air from the room.

Announcements were being made through the Telegraph website, that Estate Agents could go back to work. Not in press briefings. Not on roadmaps. But through newspaper articles. A newspaper close, it would seem, to the Government’s best interests.

A. will be going back to work.

We knew this day would come, but we expected it to be sign posted. To be included in with other industries, as part of the phased approach.

Not overnight. Not as a couple of lines in a drafted document.

The Government will say that are working in an agile way. Due to the unprecedented nature of the times.

Then why have a “roadmap”? Why make it look like thought has been given to some environments, but not others?

The assumption can only be that they saw the incoming economic data, and decided: “Houses! We need to sell houses to move money”

The science and epidemiology of two people meeting in the park, now also includes a single person interacting with tens of people; in dozens of houses across a single week. All whilst the agents try to understand what BAU 2.0 looks like.

People need to work. Money needs to recirculate. We need to come out of this. But if the lives of my loved ones are put at risk because of a newspaper article. That lacks evidence. And is driven purely by money. Then you can be sure that our curve will flatline.

And only anger will remain!

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