Lockdown Diaries – Day 47

Technically speaking, this is my 50th post of lockdown.

There’s still three more days to go for the diaries. But if you include those three double posts. And I will. This is number 50.

Lifts bat to the pavilion. Head straight back down.

The process has been quite easy. Pretty much every new day comes with an idea. A ball of nonsense forming, before it is committed to screen.

Some have been vignettes. Others, with more meaning.

I am acutely aware that very little has been touched on in a political or health sense. These are not documents detailing a historical phase. They are a distraction. An attempt by an individual to break off from that world. To share those, more often than not, random thoughts and ideas with the three or four people that read them.

That has been a conscious decision. My career exists in a space of public sector, government and healthcare. It really is a case of: “These are my views. Not those of my organisation”.

Which is why it’s easier to separate perceived fact from personal blogging.

Though this isn’t to say I haven’t stopped thinking about how this translates in to a work space. Sure it’s a leap from Natural Wines to burn-down charts and Statement of Works. But the process is the same.

Idea generation. Scribbled thoughts. Spell Check. Hit publish.

It’s a process that comes quite easy to me. Far easier than for others. Others I try to help.

Not because I am a “good” writer. Far from it. There are holes galore that you can pick at in my style, presentation and final output. But in the sense that I am comfortable with that style. Comfortable with writing and sharing.

Often, because I hope it will strike a chord with an individual. Or knowing that a post will fall flat. Passing without comment or interest.

But it is out there. The main part of the process will always be in that detachment. Breaking off from the day. Having space to shape that ball of nonsense. Away from worrying about lockdown, furlough, mortgage and rent payments.

And bored children. One of which is staring at me right now. Desperate for me to go and play Rayman with him.

Which I will. For that’s his time. And that’s more important that the words you see in front of you.

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