Lockdown Diaries – Day 43

I like conversations about booze.

Usually when someone is stood between me and a bar, asking what I would like.

But seriously, I do like to talk about drink. What wines are good at the moment? Who is drinking what beer? Which are the producers and brewers worth following.

The kind of chat that leads to a glass being filled, somewhere.

One interesting aspect of The Coro is how those conversations have changed. Often with a leading theme of too much. Or, as per a conversation yesterday – temporarily pausing. Holding off until the big release comes.

I am used to lockdown drinking. With two kids and a limitation on the number of nights we can have out, it’s pretty much standard to drink at home. Which I don’t really have any issues with.

Before kids, I hardly ever drank at home. After kids, well – let’s just say that my practices changed. The nights of being in a pub from opening to close – yes, I am old enough to remember pubs closing during the afternoon – are long gone.

Evenings of opening a bottle of wine after the kids have gone to bed. Well, maybe they are here to stay.

But it’s not for everyone. More power to the people who know what rocks their world. And that a night of G&Ts using rocks from under a mountain of fish fingers, is not for them.

So how much will this change the way we drink together, going forward?

For all my talk about acceptance and the old norm, let alone the new normal. I can’t wait to catch up with mates in a bar/pub and breathe in the head off a pint.

We’ll just have to see how many of the old faces will be sat the other side of the glass, when we return?

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