Lockdown Diaries – Day 42


That’s what often stares back at you. From the screens that have become our offices of late.

The actions. Reactions. Mannerisms of the faces – the oh so many faces – that join in through the window, of our virtual lives.

Including your own. Mine.

So when I see a twitch. Exacerbated by tiredness or dehydration. And work. Am sure work is involved at times.

I start to wonder how obvious it is to other people? Or do they even care? Are they spending most of the meeting looking at themselves?

You should. You are all hot!

Or the way I sometimes think I hold my head. My neck. My ridiculously bad posture. Does it always fall to one side like that?

When the boy was born he shot out too quickly. His body not massaged and moulded into shape. Or so we were told. Which (so we were told) explained the way he noticeably held his head, for the first couple of months. We saw someone. They massaged his neck and held his head.

Now the only time he holds it to one side is when he wants something. With those child like eyes. Open wide. It doesn’t work.

So just remember. The eye and the lean. It’s not me winking at an inappropriate time. It’s just a common or garden, run of the mill quirk. I just need some water. Or sleep.

Wait! Is that a spot on my nose???

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