Lockdown Diaries – Day 41

The thing we seem to talk most about for the new house.

The room I miss most from the old house.

What I would love to change about the rental house we live in.

Is the kitchen.

This isn’t my kitchen. I miss my old kitchen. Imagine how great we could make the new kitchen?

The plans have changed and been updated a dozen times or more.

To island, or not to island? What about a peninsula?

Where to put the hob. The sink. The fact that I want a garish, dominating American double fridge freezer. That we are definitely going to get an integrated Fridge and Freezer.

And bench seating. I know we will end up with bench seating.

That will fit in the new kink we have had to put in. To create a Tetris block, in order to get through planning.

That’s what we have to look forward to. Coming out of lockdown. Building work resuming on the old house.

The kitchen, in the house we will call home.

Where we can put the pictures up that we have to store away – in the rented house.

That isn’t our home.

Not like the new house will be.

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