Lockdown Diaries – Day 33

Every day, Twitter seems to throw up a new thread that speculates what a post-lockdown world might look like.

Where the sanctions are eased. But not entirely so.

Today it was about restaurants, and the impact a 2m social distancing zone would look like.

I know what it would look like. A restaurant without counters. Without bars you can sit at. Where you watch in slack-jawed wonder at the speed and proficiency, of the theatre in front of you.

For it is a performance.

When you go to restaurants like Padella or Kiln, you are there to witness the “three act play” of a meal. From ordering your favourite dish. To the ingredients being cooked. Before perfect plates of food arrive on the counter in front of you. You are the audience. The kitchen is their stage.

It’s the same at 40 Maltby Street. Where the best seats are always the ones at the bar. Form here, you get to see what everyone is drinking – as you try hard not to dribble mushroom ketchup down your top.

As someone who eats alone when travelling with work, the only place I really want to sit at in a restaurant, is at the bar. Don’t hide me in a corner. Let me enjoy my #MealForOne sat in the best seat in the house.

Which will surely be gone. As tape measures and set squares are brought out. New layouts are suggested and recommended. The counter seating will be the first to go.

The restaurants with them?

Image: Fritters and Musroom Ketchup at the bar in 40 Maltby Street

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