Lockdown Diaries – Day 24

Holy puck!

The bringer of life. Of strength and fortitude.

Of tired eyes and mid-afternoon jitters.

I am trying to work out if I am drinking more or less coffee, now I am never more than 20ft away from the machine at home.

The limiting factor is often milk. Four cups a day when the fridge is full. Two cups if we are trying to stay out of the shops for another day or so.

I am definitely drinking better, in the main.

No vending machine syrup, no regular latte in the canteen. No stopping for a Costa on the A1(M) as I drive home from work. Lying to myself that it will be better, every time I pull in to Scotch Corner.

But then, also, no engagement. No interaction. It’s a bit boring when you are your own barista. There’s no small talk. No moving in to slightly longer talk with the folk you start to know.

There’s also a lack of pastry based temptation at home. Which can be put in both the positive and negative columns. Oh for a Morning Cake or Cinnamon Bun. I’d even take a reheated almond croissant at this point.

There are plenty of things we miss in lockdown. Coffee shops are definitely close to the top of my list. Home just isn’t the same. Even if I have the sound of the grinder and the blast of a steam wand. I miss the interaction with someone who cares about my coffee. Even if it is for a minute or two.

As soon as lockdown is done, I will be the first in the queue at La Bottega Milanese, Laynes Espresso or North Star Coffee Shop. Armed with my unused small talk, the money for a coffee and the appetite for something sticky to go with it.

I just hope they are there, when this is over.

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