Lockdown Diaries – Day Seven

After the laughter stops.

What do we do then?

I mean, it all sounds very dramatic. That, or it was a VH1/Itchy and Scratchy special – but it does feel imminent.

Which is hard for a sarcastic, “tries to make light of everything” git like myself.

I share this, because I have seen or heard at least three people cry over the last week. A week that has put both physical and emotional distance between us all.

A week that is one of three – but looks likely to be longer. More restrictive. Everything is pointing to it. Be it MPs or the experiences in other countries.

Emotions are running high. Or low. Very low. Depending on which way you look at it.

So let’s try and manage those emotions as best we can. Individually and collectively. Find your own resources of humour and fun, and do your best to avoid anything that brings you down a level.

The crying is likely to go on. So should the laughter, to.

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  1. Stephen Thorp

    I am loving these Chris, keep em coming

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