Lockdown Diaries – Day Three

Do you remember being told to turn the TV off?

Shouted at, for leaving the Mega Drive in pause mode as you went out to play with your mates.

“Screen Burn!!!”

Yesterday felt a bit like that. Not screen burn, but sick burn – the feeling of sitting in front of Zoom for too long. Nearly eight days of five hour chunks of video calls, as part of #TheNewNormal.

At one point I turned the screen away from me. Using only sound to guide me through the latest decisions, car park discussions or virtual post-its we were reviewing.

Yes, I am having my designated breaks – but work has become normal now. The breaks are being filled up by work. Work on top of work – all piped in to my living room through a 13″ MacBook screen.

It all just got too much.

So I fell asleep on the sofa.

With Zoom’s gallery view burned on to the back of my eyelids.

Take breaks. Get some air. Try to not be a slave to the screen(s) in front of you.

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