Lockdown Diaries – Day Two

Business as Usual, #TheNewNormal…

These are things that seem to change on an almost daily basis.

I have definitely fitted in to the cadence of day long video calls (and working out how to kill the camera when I am making a cup of coffee). Though there are still fresh challenges that you never thought would play out… or hear, first hand.

From the other room I can hear A. conducting a house viewing through WhatsApp. Is this the future, or is it really now? Will the future become more like the past? Will we ever want to go back to they way we worked before?

Throughout the next (I’ll come back and insert how long this disruption actually goes on for) what feels new, will become normal tomorrow. What was the As Is state, could be replaced by a multitude of To Be states. Life, but in Discovery – and moving through to Alpha and Beta with each new passing challenge.

Just go easy on the wine. Keep up with the YouTube P.E. Lessons. Remember to shave…

… and Stay The Fuck Home!

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  1. Leeds Wine Drinker

    Stop telling people to go easy on the wine – we need them to drink more!

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