Lockdown Diaries – Day One

I am sweating out my eyeballs.

Which just goes to show how out of shape I am. I mean, proper shape.

Not running 5km or commuting to work on a bike – which is really just the same plane of motion. Out of shape where my arms, my core – my general, all over body ability to function beyond the office chair and the sofa, are concerned.

So why am I on the floor, laughing?

The simple answer is the helpful and supportive P.E. session The Body Coach – Joe Wicks – is running through his YouTube channel.

I joined in with LLK, our 10yo. We started the warm up as part of 900,000+ other participants around the world. She got the giggles. I got the giggles. We carried on through the 30 minute session and then collapsed. In a mix of laughter, sweat (mainly mine) and a desire to join back in at 9am tomorrow.

A P.E. session, beamed through the internet from someone’s house – actually brought us closer together. Giving a brief respite from the world around us.

Watching it, through sweat blurred eyes – my mind went through a couple of commercial leaning view points. As is often the way, at the moment.

How far in to this mess will he go before this is monetised, and why WOULDN’T I pay for it. I loved it and so did at least one of my children.

Also, how devoid the space he was presenting from, is of any recognisable branding. From his t-shirt, to shorts, shoes and the wall space behind him. It is he and only he who is the brand you are buying in to. Which you can, through other YouTube channels and cookbooks.

I am utterly grateful for what he is doing. If it gets me fit, maintains my children’s fitness and brings us closer together through fun and laughter – it will be one of the very few crumbs from the situation we find ourselves in.

You can join in, possibly as one of one million tomorrow, via The Body Coach’s YouTube channel.

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    We’re all in this together!

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