The New Normal

Does anyone know what that is?

I mean, when will the new normal kick in? Is this it? Am I living through it?

I am on lunch as I type this. I can’t remember the last time I had lunch as a specific thing at work.

I know I walk to the shop to buy lunch, but that usually involves talking to someone at, or about work – as I do.

Today, we are having lunch. Almost to avoid burnout. To help maintain the concentration levels, as we try to run a two weeks series of workshops remotely. Two weeks of staring at a 13” screen as a variety of talking heads, reply back to me.

I even got dressed for them.

Next door, the boy is on the sofa watching TV. He should be at school, but last night he had a raised temperature and a sore throat. Where we might have cajoled or encouraged him to go to class – today we took the near unprecedented to keep him off as a precaution. This is only his second day off in three years.

He couldn’t be happier. He’s going to school tomorrow.

Though I will still be here. In the dining room, slouched over the table – or creating an elaborate standing desk with cookbooks or upturned boxes. We are out and we don’t quite know when we are going back.

Yet still people try to cling to the normal that once was. Sky Sports News still offers rolling coverage of nothingness. The haunted looks getting longer, more distant – as the presenters try to find a new angle to the emptiness of their slots.

Maybe that’s the new normal. A certain degree of emptiness, of where there was always noise.

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