Let’s talk about perception.

Or at least, let me write about how perception is key to making sure we do the thing we need to, even if in our heads – the screams, can sometimes try to hold us back.

Last week I presented to a room full of strangers.

I am not always great at talking to strangers. In fact, my brain often tries to tell me I am actually rubbish at talking to strangers. However, most of my job relies on my ability to convince strangers that I can help them. I am the stranger they need to believe in.

My brain tried to derail the presentation I was doing. It tried to scream so loud that, for a moment, I was tempted to hand over to the colleague I was presenting with.

But I remembered the amount of times I had been there before. The number of times I had said “Shut up brain” in my head. Took a breath. Found where I was in my notes and tried to regulate my words, with my breathing – with my slides.

I am sharing this for the amount of people out there who believe they can’t do it. Can’t stand in the room full of strangers and share the work they are doing. If I can, you can. Just give the perception, on the outside at least, that you are in control.

My hands shake, my eye twitches and my brain screams. Boy, does it scream – but I like to think I get the message across. Watching the video back of the session isn’t always easy, but it is proof that a message got out there. I rose above the screaming.

It gets better – and sometimes it gets worse. I still do it. I still rely on the memories of when it went well – and when I saved it, when it felt like it wasn’t going to be a disaster.

Don’t be put off from doing it because you think you can’t. Just try and find a way of making people believe you can.

If you want any tips on how to block out the screaming… give me a shout!

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