I have started to think like a designer.

Accidentally, consequentially – gratefully.

But still, In the loosest sense of the word, I want to design. To make a difference through improved design.

Today I sat at a table as part of an unconference (hold that question for a follow up blog tomorrow) and found I couldn’t but help myself. I had to verbally step in and ask the question:

“What is the problem we are trying to address?”

There was talk of jobs boards; of policy – of hands being tied by Five Case Business Cases. It was a rambling, charged discussion about why something isn’t working as it could. But that wasn’t the reason why we sat down to talk. The original idea someone had.

So I tried to bring it back. I tried to get the group to focus on the design problem – the service problem.

15 months ago I hadn’t worked with a design team. Now I want to make sure everyone of my teams looks at things through the lens of a problem we are trying to design out.

Let’s just try not to design out more problems than we have time or answers for.

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