Lost in Translation

Words are a powerful thing.

Their power, however, becomes somewhat diluted when they are haphazardly presented – or worse still, taken out of context.

All through my working life I have strived to share information as best I can. To remember that my loud voice can convey a grand story – which can sometimes intimidate. Baffle, even.

So I try to reflect and acknowledge the times where a sentence or line has fallen flat. A misunderstanding has occurred. Where my glorious, flowing and creative words – a song of their own – clang in the ears, like an off-tune note.

For that, there is the issue. Intent and motivation are irrelevant if a person or persons either in your presence, or following along at a later point, pick something else out from the embers of the message I shared.

Backtracking, double backing – finding a route to unpick the path those words have mistakenly taken.

So hands up. Smile. Acknowledge and put right. It is always my delivery, never your misunderstanding. Well, not all of the time.

I wish I was better with words. Written and oral. I wish my words would inspire greatness in others. Which is why I will carry on delivering, addressing and correcting, whenever they do not.

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