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I sat listening to three old lads in a vermouth bar in Newcastle, talking about Dry January on Wednesday night.

They were reading from a pamphlet. Which basically said, if you like a drink – Dry January is hardly going to be for you. They put the pamphlet down and carried on drinking their pints.

So here’s a thing.

Fuck Dry January.

Seriously. I can understand the intention, I can, but if you really need Dry January – if you need a month off the sauce. Chances are, you will ignore it. You will carry on regardless.

But there is an element of you that will have a month off. But a month off what? A couple of beers on a Saturday? A glass of wine or two because the working day is hard?

I have no intention of belittling it, but if you let your hair down with two Blue Bols more than normal in December, Dry January isn’t targeting you.

Also, why do you assume the restaurants and bars that you like, but don’t visit as often as you think you do, will still be there on the 1st of February. Just so that you can feel clean and serene during the first – darkest – month of the year?

This was all emphasised by the fact that I sat, for 90 minutes or so, as the only person in a restaurant that night. Why did they even bother opening?

Because this is their job, Their livelihood. Restaurants aren’t like caravan parks. They don’t just close down for a month because, well, they have to. They exist to produce the same level and quality of food in January, as they did two weeks ago – when you all agreed not to darken their doors for 30 days.

So yes, Fuck Dry January!

Support, cherish and – dare I say it – abuse the hospitality of the restaurants you will eat and drink in for some of the 11 months of the year, rather than become holier than thou for the one month, they may actually need you.

End of rant.

If you are reading this and can see past the ranty me – and do feel as if maybe now is the time to seek the help of some form another – can I direct you to this NHS page, which might be a helpful start.

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