I am currently drawing a spider diagram.

Whilst eating a blood orange and drinking a litre of water.

It must be January.

There are some key themes. A few potential dead ends. Stuff that will be achieved and others that… feel like they have been on the diagram before.

Most of it will appear in your own lists you have tried to avoid creating, but found the quiet moments too consuming over the tailend to the Christmas period.

Which isn’t over yet. We still have Galette des Rois to enjoy on Monday. If you can find it.

I am trying to think back to last year’s scrawling mass of life changing improvements.

Read more books. Go to the Opera more often. Run, ride, leap more. Bake more of the sugar I mainline – more, more, more.

Without much effort, family – the home – dominated v1.1 up to v12.365 of the ever flexing and changing spider. See more, do more, be distracted less. Less was more.

We sold a house, we bought a house, we rented a house. This year’s diagram will be dominated by renovating a house. Displacing bad wiring and mushrooms in the process.

And hopefully more writing. It tailed off at the end of the year. Social and work. Imagination, honesty, frustrations – limitations – all at play; at odds with one another. Need to break this – more so than just today – and write.

The diagram I will keep to myself. The evolving thoughts, actions and processes I will share. Or I will just write about blood oranges.

For the three of you that might read it.

For the one I know that will smile as they do.

Image: Mushrooms in the ceiling of the new house

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