A good network of people is a bit like a basil plant.

You know, the kind you get in a black pot in the veg section of your local supermarket.

It is lush and heady when you first receive it.

You can use it, snip at it – simply admire having it there when you need it. Watching as it grows – as it fills the space around it.

Then, without warning, you realise that you haven’t paid any attention to it. It has started to wither. If it isn’t dead, it is definitely dying out.

So you water it. You feed it. You put it back in to the light. So that within days, the basil is back – if not in full bloom – then at least in rude health.

Why am I thinking about Basil plants?

Today I went for a quick cup of coffee. That turned in to a length chat about challenges, interests and opportunities. Without thinking, that quick text born out of proximity – had turned in to a watering session. Reviving the part of the network I hadn’t had chance to pay attention to of late. I left revitalised.

It then made me realise that there are other areas of my life where I need to snip, feed and tend to – so that those parts of my network of friends, peers and colleagues get the attention they deserve as well

Don’t just leave your basil plants unattended. Remember to get in touch with the people who bring out the best in you. Feed them, use them, care for them – and they will reward you. Handsomely.

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