A Year

I bought 36 doughnuts today, to share out amongst the team.

As is the custom when another year passes or there is reason to celebrate.

Not sure it fits with the ideals of working in an NHS building – but glee at the thought of teeth-itching treats is fairly universal. More so when you know the fillings of each fat ball in front of your eyes.

The occasion to mark, is the fact that It has now been 365 days since I first walked through the doors of the office I am currently sat in. A year since I joined the throng of the private sector once again.

It was, and remains, the right thing to do.

I won’t say that there hasn’t been a few challenges – missteps even – along the way.

Though they were challenges I very much needed, as I sat putting ever expanding issues in to an imaginary self help bucket – in a municipal car park in Leeds. A tip shared by a colleague, that became all too essential as the final days in my last gig ticked down.

I have learnt new skills. New approaches. Identified new things about me – and even reaffirmed old things I needed to change, or at least be aware of.

As the months flew by it became clear how much a sense of vibrancy charged my working soul – and distance tore away at my homely alternative. I flexed and moulded to ensure the balance was not a negative pull on either side. It never really is balanced. It works, and when it doesn’t – we flex and mould once more.

So at 12 months in, there is still lots to do. Plenty of areas to tweak, and opportunities to grow. Things I need to grasp and others I should really be letting go of. The challenges grow and change, but they never have a day off – are never filed away.

So much so that the view hasn’t changed. It was and is – still very much the right thing to do.

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