I am struggling with social media at the moment.

It’s not the doom and gloom. The constant brexnalysis or the same sodding posts RTd in to your timeline over and over again. It’s the familiarity of it all.

What was once a positive distraction, is now just a series of names you see scroll in front of your eyeballs. Instantly second guessing what their post is about.

It happened with messageboards. They died a death when the number of regular posters dropped off, as there were only so many “Has anyone got that photo of Sasha lighting a fag in San Francisco” posts that you could contribute to. Shout out to the old Global Underground heads.

So occasionally I go off on a hunt for fresh blood. Following a ‘family tree’ of follows to see who is out there, and whether they will bring anything new to the experience.

Which occasionally creates the uncomfortable scenario of over familiarity, where you try to joke about something with someone who doesn’t follow you. Then cringe, doubled-up in agony when the joke or throwaway line doesn’t land.

What I need is to be invited to more WhatsApp groups where a Logan’s Run type enforcement policy removes users who post the same insightful comments about ‘Magic Grandpas’, or ‘What is natural wine, really?’.

We will then see an influx of new users who are given support and guidance as to how their access will be revoked, if they “THREAD” or RT someone we all don’t follow for painfully, obvious reasons. Immediate revocation for anyone that was a good follow but is now updating from a press junket!

We are surely heading for a post Twitter/Instagram state where you will never see or hear from me again. Hooray I hear you cheer. I am not sure what that is. Some apps/platforms have tried and failed before. So we just suffer the grumbles and gripes of what we have.

Though for some reason, the grumbles – mine – are louder and have a more finite view on the areas of the internet we share.

So. Who’s up for a podcast recorded at a supperclub with folk we have nothing in common with?

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