He is changing.

The boy, that is.

He never used to hold my hand. Never wanted me, over A. Now he treats us as equals – on the same level as gatekeepers to his access to food, drink, YouTube and the Nintendo Switch.

When we were out, he would always go to A. Always seek her out – her support, protection and comfort. I would occasionally do the heavy yards – with hands over eyes and heels digging in to my chest as we walked. As I did all of the walking.

Though he would never hold my hand. Never walk and talk with me.

Now he does. Now my heart brims fuller still with love and devotion. Our baby, who became a toddler – is now a boy in his own right. A boy with a language all of his own. With hands I can touch and clench and feel in my own.

He is still a boy who moans and groans when we ask him to walk anywhere, but now does so – whilst holding my hand.

I now have three people who want to hold my hand when we are out.

I have everything I could ever want, here in my grasp.

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