My phone died. I am not sure why? The screen simply stopped working.

Which isn’t great given how much I am away from home.

So we had a root around in the various drawers at home to find an alternative. One, hopefully made within the last decade.

Then the realisation struck. Most of my old phones were traded in or replaced when they had died.

All of A’s old phones were garbage. What I mean is that I wouldn’t be seen dead with them – even in my hour of need. There was also the issue that one had no sound (hence why she replaced it) and the other wasn’t compatible with the SIM I have. It was more for those reasons. At least one of them would have given me access to Twitter.

So now I have gone back in time. Like Jason Bourne I picked up a burner phone (£19) at a shop near a train station. I will get my phone fixed under insurance – so this temporary brick is all I need to make sure family can contact me. As I am miles away.

It’s the sort of Nokia that someone in the Guardian would write about when proclaiming they are escaping from it all. They are having a detox. A break from modernity – whilst continuing to use a cafe’s free wifi or email to send their piece in.

I could upgrade, but I am waiting for the next phone after the latest, greatest phone.

So I got a palm sized piece of plastic with the view that I have a laptop, and can navigate around where I need to be for the next week or so. All whilst I wait for my other phone to be fixed.

Then the wifi went down on the train to London. And I realised that I wasn’t quite sure where my hotel was. That I needed to get out somewhere for dinner or – and this is very important – I needed to publish my latest #c25k photo on Instagram.

Bricks are good for building houses but not so for keeping up with daily life.

So I will muddle through. My brick and me.

Chances are I will upgrade my phone before the weekend is out. Or else I’ll start to talk to my kids and find out what they are up to. I may even pick up that book I have been meaning to read.

At least people can get hold of me. Just give me 10 minutes to go back and try to remember how to send a text again.

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