Neck It

I have become one of those people.

You know the type. Opinionated. All the gear but no idea.

The person who has a view and wants to share that view. Based on the kind of facts that wouldn’t hold up in the playground, let alone a court or a boardroom.

The basis of this admission stems (no pun intended) from the fact that I have a favourite winery.

It is a hand to bottle to mouth kind of infatuation.

I guess you can say it is less about the wine and more my weakness as an early adopter. Though the wine does play a big part in it.

As someone that likes natural, low intervention, sparkling, funky, low yield and stored in Qvevri wines – the arrival of Tillingham Wines on the scene ticked every box. The fact they were British and that I could (I still haven’t) meet the producer at tastings in my or neighbouring post codes was all it took.

I was hooked. Drinking wines you may never have heard of. I was an early adopter of Tillingham wines.

So now I do my best to tell others about them. To share why I love them so.

You can blame the teams at Wayward Wines or The Winemakers Club for snaring me. For increasing my devotion to the brand. Though it is also clearly something in my personality.

The type of trait that needed to have a certain mobile phone, software release or trainer style (yes, I had the original Nike Shox). That permanently lives in Alpha or Beta – at work and at home.

The thing with being an early adopter – rather than drinking wines with vintages older than my kids – is that not every release will hit the spot. Much of that though is down to personal taste. Or sometimes it might be down to finding feet? I am not skilled enough to say.

What I do know is that the days of queuing for a new album or trainer release are long behind me. But firing out an instant response to ask for a bottle to be put to one side – is exactly where I am right now. Especially where Tillingham are concerned.

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