We were given some news last week.

It was provided in a helpful, supportive and encouraging way. We had an inkling that it was coming. It was, in many ways, good to finally hear the words spoken out loud. To read it in a digestible way.

What we do with that information will become clearer over the coming weeks and months. I tried to have a conversation, but I don’t think we are quite there yet – with me at least. Which is important. As the I is secondary to the we. This is not about me. This is about something bigger.

What I will do is to find a way of reading up, understanding and learning what my role is beyond being just a Dad. Or maybe that is all I need to be?

Finding the right supportive voice. To gather all the information I can. Sharing it, when it is asked for.

My task isn’t to bombard or dictate – it is to wait and listen.

To be ready to talk, but only when the conversation is ready to start.

I will definitely be asking for help. Some of which has already come my way.

Analysing how to use that help is my next step.

Waiting and being ready, will follow close behind.

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