I am assuming that you have all seen the floor routine by UCLA Gymnast, Katelyn Ohashi. Which makes this a lukewarm take at best.

If you haven’t, it would be good to know where you have been for the last couple of weeks – as there might be a lot of other nonsense that you will have missed out on. Lucky you.

As routines go, it was anything but. It was beyond routine. Flawless. The perfect 10.

What it also was – well, to me at least – was an example of team dynamics at play. As Ohashi leaps, tumbles and lands in ways da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’ was not designed to do – her team is behind her. Not just supporting, but going enthusiastically through the moves of a routine many of them will have seen dozens of times in practice.

Arms are raised, heads rotating – smiles almost as wide as Ohashi’s. This is not their stage, but it is their team mate. One highly celebrated part, but still – a part of what makes a team successful.

Bottle that spirit and you would make your millions!

Last week was a fairly routine one for our service at work, but it ended with a positive meeting with external stakeholders – saying the words we really wanted to hear. This was the culmination of a lot of work that has been put in by our team, over the last 12 weeks or so.

We took the feedback based on the work we had done. The team gathered round. We challenged each other – we supported and guided. We all know what the end goal is and we are working towards it – together.

No one expects me to leap 8ft in the air and to pop back up from landing on my undercarriage, but they do expect me to go in to a meeting and confidently present back the effort of the team as a whole.

When our User Researchers, Business Analysts, User Experience or even me as the leadership team are on the floor, under the spotlight, we know that we have the full support of the team around us. That when our moment is over, we will fist-bump* – handing over the mantle to someone else to take centre stage.

When we present, we do so as individuals. Getting the appropriate plaudits as we do. When we deliver this service, we do so as a team. It is the team, not the individuals that will get us the results at the end.

Always believe in your team.

(* Until I get my way and ban fist-bumping in the office)

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