I have been using a word, quite a lot at work this week.

That word is: Maturity.

It can be quite a loaded word based on the context it is shared in. It is often used to describe where a team or an individual has come from, not always in a positive way. Imagine being told that you were, as I have been in an appraisal in the past, “acting with more maturity in the office, these days.”

Had I been acting immaturely at one point? Did I laugh at a fart joke and not immediately admonish myself for the silliness of my behaviour?

The context of the maturity of this week is the growth and understanding a team is displaying, publicly – to those around them. Discussions are reaching conclusions. Actions and being acted upon. Decisions are being made, not through haste or necessity – but through clarity and reason.

The thing that you can barely ever put your finger on when challenged directly, so all too often refer to as “clicking” – is happening. In a loud, audible way. The team, are simply, clicking.

Which is great to see. As I did, when I purposefully stood and the back of the room, as four of our team stood in front of a captivated audience. They listened intently. They asked questions. They could have stayed and listened to more.

There was no need for me to be front and centre. Their words conveyed everything that was needed to be said.

So when we talk about maturity, we do so positively. That we have grown through an age as a team and will continue to grow. Questions and direction that once may have been asked and sought, are quickly being replaced by statements and ownership of tasks – by individuals, but more importantly, as a collective.

It made me feel motivated to try to take things to the next level. Which we will. As a team. Together.

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