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So this post is in response to @jukesie‘s ‘My Everyday Carry’ Post on Medium. It got me thinking how/why my back and neck aches two or three times a week. And why I could never be a disciple of Marie Kondo. Check Netflix listings for updates.

Here is a picture of what I carry as part of my travels from Leeds to Newcastle every week:

My bag is a Knomo Hamilton. It is the best work bag I have ever owned. I also have a Knomo Cromwell for carrying stuff around for the kids. Both were bought from TK Maxx. If you can find either, definitely buy them.

Let’s review the content of my bag;

From left to right:

Two books: ‘The Shortest History of Germany’ by James Hawes and ‘Thank you, Jeeves’ by PG Wodehouse. In 2019 I have started to carry around two books, as I have already finished one when away with work. I fell out of love with my Kindle because I used to forget to charge it, and resorted to using it as an app on my phone. I would always got distracted by the *pings* of twitter etc, so I have gone retro and paper based. Just don’t let the NHS know. It really works for me.

Bottom left are cables. Thankfully my MacBook and phone (Pixel XL 2) are both USBC, but there is also the old USB Micro for my Sennheiser bluetooth headphones.

Moving up: Colourful pants and socks. The pants are M&S (the staple, never to be bettered) and the socks are Happy Socks. Again, from TK Maxx – 3 for £7.99. You won’t find a better sock on the market for that price.

Three Charles Thyrwitt rolled shirts. Always roll, never fold. Four if you included the one I am wearing as I type this. I always pack an extra shirt in case I fancy a night out, where I can shed my work skin and go fully social. It’s the same for the extra jumper. I am quite a messy eater, so an extra shirt and jumper are a must – as are the jeans and pair of chinos in the bag. No one wants to stand up in front of their team with last night’s dinner stained on them. Back up planning.

Moving down you will see two different types of pen (there is also a pen attached to my note book), pain killers (always Alka Seltzer XS for minor alcohol based indiscretions) and the tablets for my arthritis – etoricoxib and omeprazole.

Going for the home strait now….

There are my trainers – Adidas Kanadia Tr 8.1 (no longer in stock) – because walking an hour from the office to the hotel, when I am staying over for two days and don’t have to carry a full pack, is far more comfortable in trainers.

My MacBook – obvs.

A tin of lip balm, as air conditioning in hotel rooms plays havoc with the skin.

A Difrent branded notebook (thumps chest) – because muscle memory also equates to actual memory. Write that shit down, kids!

Finally my wash bag. The usual stuff is held inside:

A tube of Geo. F. Trumper‘s Shaving Cream and Skin Tonic
A Boldking razor
Head and Shoulders strengthening shampoo – in the vain attempt my hair will stay on my head
Toothpaste – small, travel variety
Toothbrush – same, same

So that’s my bag. Why my back aches and why, in 2019, I have gone back to books and writing things down.

If you travel or commute, why no share what’s in your bag as well.


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