Chill Out?

Try and picture the scene.

It’s 11am, somewhere in a flat in London – sometime in 2003ish.

A group of like minded friends are finishing the selection of Kestrel Super they found at the local off-licence, hidden behind a “Not available till 12pm” sign – at 7am that very morning.

Thoughts of a shower, bed – or even the pub are being bounced around inside the ever so slightly fragile heads. We know now is a good time to call it a – is it day or night in this context? – but the humour and camaraderie of the past 12 hours are still in abundance. Only another 12 hours until some of us will be out again.

It’s at this point that DJ’s legs give way from under their body, or the CD runs its course. There is a momentary pause as a body glides across the room. Fingers dance over the CD rack. The crack of the case. The mechanical sliding noise of the CD tray.

Then it happens. It always happens at this time of the morning. Someone has put on a Chill Out CD.

Aaarrggghhhh!!! our collective voices groan.

It was usually Kruder and Dorfmeister’s DJ Kicks album. I hated it. With a passion. The night was going so well and then someone had to go and ruin it all by killing the mood. No one wanted to chill out. FFS, we were even talking about doing the walk of shame to the pub, via a healthy dose of Lynx Pisshead along the way.

The party would start to fracture at this point.

Now leap forward – 15 years and two kids. I like having music on as we eat. Finding the right balance where it is good background noise, versus a distraction that will stop the children eating is hard. Which is why I often put on something from my youth. Something where the tunes flow, effortlessly, but the intensity is stripped back. It’s all about the rhythm.

So here we are listening to, you guessed it, that very same DJ Kicks album. It’s now perfect. Not in the way folk used to put on Dido when you thought you should stay in and not go clubbing every weekend. It’s just a great album, with quality tunes – compiled together in a way that makes it perfect for a Sunday night, and a second bottle of wine.

Oh how times have changed.

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