I decided I wanted to treat myself once I found out I was getting a new job.

Not a big thing. Nothing too ostentatious. The intention was to give myself a small reward for taking an opportunity that I might have otherwise turned down. Might have otherwise have not put myself in the frame for.

I didn’t want to preempt the work I had to do, by buying something as soon as I received the offer. I wanted to wait. To take in a month in my new position and use the money I had made with my first pay packet.

I knew exactly what the reward would be.

I wanted a new wine glass. Not just any wine glass, but a Zalto Universal.

It is something I had read about, admired and lusted after – but never taken the leap to buying. I could have afforded one (they are £34 a glass), but the time – the lack of progress I was making in my career – seemed to negate the reason to buy one.

This time was different. Now I had a new job, a new focus and a reason to celebrate. So I took myself off to Harvey Nics and bought two glasses – filling them with a wine I love. Rosso di Valtellina by Ar.Pe.Pe.

We will break them. I know we will. So be it. They are my reward to enjoy. To celebrate the new beginnings that 2018 has afforded me. This is my “prize” for seeing out the time at my last place. For taking the route out when it came.

So next time I sit down and drink a £5 bottle of wine out of a glass that costs 7x the value, I will remember why we own them.

I learnt to accept my reward!

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