It’s not the biggest problem we are faced with right now – especially if you are in the UK watching our government unravel.

But something I am having a real issue with right now is t-shirt sizing. No, not from an agile development perspective, but from the size of actual t-shirts.

Sizes are not standard. In fact, we are in the territory of lies, damned lies and waist measurements.

It’s universally acknowledge that a centimetre is a standard length. An inch, slightly older and longer. So why is it that my work trousers are 36″ waist, whilst a pair of jeans I tried on last week – felt roomy at 32″?

Is this similar to the news that the kilogram is not always standard in France? Has the inch been stretched?

Or is it all an attempt to appeal to our vanity? That at work we are staid and boring. Therefore standard (read: accurate?) measurements make more sense. Whilst at play, in casual attire, we demand to be flattered. So a centimetre or four inches here or there is a boost we really need?

It’s all nonsense. As someone desperately in need to update their wardrobe as discussed yesterday, it is a right pain in the ever-fluctuating size of backside, depending on what store I am in.

The bigger, and more frustrating challenge, is where lettered sizings – S, M, L etc – are not standard. I am a large in some brands or an extra-large in others. In reality I am a snug L rather a well fitting XL, but who knows what the winter will bring – if not increased girth.

Like I said, it’s not the most important thing – but when you are looking for a winter coat, it really is the down-filled reason to scream until you can no longer breath.

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