Stuffed with love

There is a member of our family who is unrivalled.

They are loved, cherished, hugged and held like no other.

They go almost everywhere we go – unless there is a fear they may be left behind or damaged. So they stay, sitting on our stairs waiting for the boy to come home. He always comes home to her.

They are inseparable when we are in the house. On the sofa, at the dinner table. Like Siamese twins bound by love.

From time to time, when the weight and dirt of the world has taken its toll, we pamper her with a spa day. 30c for 15 minutes and a light spin. What was once white is now – well – distinguished.

She challenges me. My perception of what growing up means. When you’re not too old to love something so dear. To remind me not to want my kids to grow up too quickly.

I play my part. Looking for her at night or before a long car journey. Checking and double checking so that she doesn’t become a statistic – a tweet begging someone to find her. To bring her home to us.

The day she is left on the bed with the other toys with be a new start for our family. Though that day can wait. For now, I’m just glad she is with us – keeping the boy safe, warm and loved.

Here’s to you Lamby. More than a toy. More than anything to the boy who loves you so.

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