An ear

I was struggling with a thread. Ideas ricocheting around inside my head.

Trying to find my feet – my place – a comfort factor; the starting point.

I kept trying to grasp a notion. Some clarity. A way of executing what it is I want.

I’d talk at home. Praise. Support for me and what I am doing. The very best person I know.

Though I needed something else. Someone more detached – objective, even.

So I made a call. The kind of call I put in, when in my head I know what it is I want to do, but can’t always find the right words. Can’t always throw a six or a double to get underway.

They listened. Chimed in. Replayed what I was saying. Correcting where I was using the wrong words – the wrong tone.

In 20 minutes I had the clarity that was needed. Three weeks distilled in to a collection of actions I knew I could accomplish.

Next time we speak the challenge will be different, but the support will be the same. My thoughts through their voice. Their help through my actions.

Seek someone out. Someone who has approached the same challenges and experiences with the t-shirt to show for it.

Talking and listening is a great way to make something a success – more so if the person on the other end of the line, sees your development as part of that success.

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