Sunday is often New Coffee Day.

The day where we go through one fifth of a bag of coffee before lunch (48g of a 250g bag) – increasing the chances of switching over to a new bag.

It’s rarely ever the same blend, but can often be from the same roaster.

As I have mentioned on this blog before, Leeds is blessed to have a really good coffee producer/roaster in North Star Roast. I have also been lucky to travel a lot through work. Picking up new roasters with nearly every new location I visit.

Which is one of the drawbacks of working in the office I do in Newcastle. Due to its location, it limits the opportunity to just nip out for an off-site chat used as an excuse to try more coffee.

So this week I will try and find time to expand my Newcastle visits beyond Pink Lane and see what else there is out there. To pick up some new coffee to bring back home. Where I will no doubt open the bag on a Sunday and post an image on Instagram.

So that #newcoffeeday lives on in the lives of those I share a drink with – virtually, if rarely physically.

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