A difference

Mood, brood, feud.

The right person but in the wrong situation.

Home, but miles away from home – miles away from the comfort zone.

But there is a difference. There is a happy place. On the balls of your feet. Clapping. Swaying. Embracing.

A smile. Enchanted. Worthwhile.

It was great. A pleasure. A measure of where we were and what we were doing.

No fuss, no worry – boundless enthusiasm without a hurry to be somewhere else. To be with someone who requires attention, devotion – a lot of pent up emotion.

Instead I saw a different side. A smile so wide. Bottle it up and save it for the time when it’s easier to hide.

Such a great night. A memory shared. No problems aired.

To dance, to find a way of making the night enhanced by the power of music. The joy of being swayed by the beat.

Wasn’t it neat.

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