Would you rather?

You find out a lot about a person in a four hour car journey.

Travelling back up from the King family Christmas dinner (yes, in the middle of November), the immediate family were bored before we had turned out of my Dad’s road. Let alone three hours in to the journey.

The boy wants the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman played on a loop for the whole journey. We vetoed that idea.

So instead he kicked off a game of “Would you rather” based on the book by the same name by John Burnigham.

The premise being that you get to choose one of two or three increasingly unappealing options.

Some of the options were, dare I say it, a little bit out there. Like falling off a tightrope in to a pool of blood or running across another pool full of giraffes. I think my favourite was being a bee in a hive that was about to be smashed up by a bear.

No matter what the option you picked, it was usually acknowledged as being the right answer.

Eventually we gave in and put The Greatest Showman on for the third time in two days. He lasted three quarters of the journey up before falling asleep.

The game didn’t necessarily make the journey any quicker, but it did give us a glimpse inside his giraffe and bear infested mind. Which was worth that distance alone.

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