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So here’s the thing.

I occasionally think that I am funny. You know, a funny guy. I amuse you.

When I make a joke – dad or otherwise – the intention is only ever to bring joy in to the lives of others. Never to mock or to offend.

I questioned how my “so called” (it’s how the BBC would report it) humour can be misinterpreted. I did so when sat in front of a table of food. A perfectly, enjoyable – not just acceptable – but slightly overloaded table of food.

I went out for dinner at the Zucchini Pasta Bar in Newcastle on Thursday. After days of brown food I fancied something light. So yeah, I went out for something light but ordered slow cooked ragu and carbs for days. My kind of meal, no matter what the occasion.

I ordered some olives and bread (with more olive oil) to keep me going – remember, this was a light meal – until the pasta arrived. Unfortunately, all the food turned up at the same time. All the food arrived in front of me at the exact moment I was messing around on instagram. So I took a photo and made a little joke.

A well cooked plate of pasta

Look, there was nothing wrong. Not really. The pasta was golden and cooked perfectly. The ragu was tasty and tender. The bread was phenomenal and the olives were of a very good quality. It’s just they were all there – together.

If it was a problem I would have complained. It wasn’t. Sure I ended up having the pasta as a “starter” and was drinking olive oil through the bread as a “main”, but I was happy. My post on Instagram – my attempt to crack a joke with my followers might have suggested otherwise.

I need to be more careful where that is concerned. For what I really think is that you should give Zucchini a try if you are in Newcastle. I will definitely go back.

I also need to ignore a man on another table struggle to finish his tiramisu and mock him internally. To order it just to prove I can eat it, and then have to force every bite down because I was already full after the pasta.

I went out, had a good meal and went back to my hotel knowing that not every joke will land as intended. Not every occasion needs something funny made out of it.

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