“I think I read that on one of your blog posts. I don’t read them all, you post too much”

That was what a “friend” said as they hugged me, possibly for the last time – my choice, obvs.

When I started blogging again, I did so with an intention of sharing something more than I normally do via Twitter or Instagram. The classic, behind the curtain view from A Wizard of Oz.

What I then did, whilst drunk – the start of most of my stories – was to threaten to post something every day for a month. To see whether it was possible to actually share something of note for 31 days.

I am not sure I achieved it.

I know, by week two, that I started to plan what I was going to post almost through to the very words you are reading. Each day – Monday through to Sunday – was categorised as a work, family or social day; dull, duller, dullest maybe.

It helped to structure my writing, but as a quote I am sure I once read but can never find about columnists, this blog should never assume it is interesting just because it has been written down.

Whether I commit the next 30 days to screen is debatable. I know in my head what the next six posts are, but with starting a new job – have I mentioned that? – it’s unclear if I will have the same amount of time to dedicate to the blog as I have throughout October.

The fact I have stopped blindly sending them to A. is an indicator that it might be time to settle on a theme, or at least a pattern – rather than scattergun approach to my thoughts.

So, if you have read everyone – I hope you enjoyed them. If you have read some, likewise. If this is the first one you have read – do look back, it won’t take long; don’t unfollow, please!

For now, I’ll l keep on writing for fear I will lose interest.

Then it will really become boring for both of us.

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