We live in an age of likes.

On Twitter, Instagram and any other throw away comments on social media. Push the button. Give your feedback. Send instant gratification.

Like, like, like.

We also live in another world of “like”. An annoying, overused – unable to stop – avalanche of likes. Is it a tick? A mish mash of sounds? A word that fills a sentence whether the speaker knows it or not.

We know it. We flinch every time we hear it. Us old people – you parents who fight against the “likification” of our language.

“What do you mean like? Was it like something, or actually something?”

LLK knows she does it because we try to find a way of calmly highlighting it. Try to stop saying like. Think what you want to say and say it without using the word like.

She’s not alone. Spend any time on a bus or a train and you will hear the shrill of youth speak as they converse not in words, but the words between the words. Is “like” thrown in to throw us off the scent? Pity the adult friend who makes the mistake of saying like as they sit on your sofa with a glass of wine in hand.

“What if I actually like something?”

Find a different word. Find another way of expressing your views, constructing your sentences without saying like. It’s not a transition word, not a filler. It’s bloody annoying.

Do I not like that.

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