Avoiding mixed messages

I saw what I thought was the perfect gift for A. the other week back.

It was a necklace with brightly coloured blocks and spheres on it. The kind of thing – statement jewellery – that she often likes to buy for herself. It was on sale at the House of Koko coffee shop, surrounded by other items of a similar nature.

I thought I would just order the coffee now and then pick it up as I leave.

When I went back to take it to the counter I saw a leaflet beside it. I had a look, expecting to see some information about a local artist that was making their way and was hoping for a big break selling their products in an independent coffee shop. Support your independents!

What I actually found was cleaning instructions. On how to wash and disinfect that bracelets and necklaces in order for them to be hygienic enough for a baby to chew on – to use when they are teething.


So what do I do? It still seemed like a great gift that I thought she would love. Or would she? How would you take your husband coming home with an object designed for a new life brought in to the world?

“Darling, I know we said we wouldn’t have any more kids and that we cherished the sleep and the monsters we have, but I saw this necklace and now I want a bigger brood.”

Naturally I didn’t buy it. Naturally A. laughed at me when I told her what I had almost done.

Maybe I’ll go back there one day and pick it up for her and claim the design is for health and safety reasons. The coffee and the cake are worth the trip alone. The laughter at a husband not realising what they were doing, well – I’ve grown to expect that.

Images: House of Koko from their Instagram feed; Seb and Roo Teething Jewellery from their Instagram feed

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